The Daily 'Denza


The Fidenza collection by Tyler Hobbs is one of the most iconic Art Blocks collections. It earned that distinction in part because of the versitility of the algorithm. Each output is decidedly unqiue from the others, allowing each to stand out as beautiful in its own way.

With such a wide range of possible outputs, it's a shame only 999 of these pieces exist. There is so much that the Fidenza algorithm is capable of that we haven't seen!

Fortunately, due to how Art Blocks works and how Fidenza is licensced we can all enjoy more outputs by simply feeding new seeds to the Fidenza algorithm.

The Daily 'Denza displays a new, never before seen Fidenza output each day, rolling over at 12 AM Pacific Time.

You can follow @DailyDenza to see the newest output as soon as it's live.

These outputs are NOT NFTs. They are simply to look at and enjoy.